What Is ThermiVa?


ThermiVa restores vaginal lubrication, treating atrophic vaginitis and giving you back your normal vaginal function. This treatment may eliminate your need for estrogens, providing a natural way to restore your vaginal health.


ThermiVa treatment is a solution for vaginal tightening and labial rejuvenation. Many women who desire cosmetic improvement of their labia may be candidates for ThermiVa.

ThermiVa has been shown to consistently tighten the tissues around the urethra and bladder which can improve urinary incontinence associated with certain activities also called “stress incontinence”. Because ThermiVa also tightens the vaginal vault and acts to increase sensation in and around the vagina- sexual satisfaction can be improved for both you and your partner. Many women are experiencing a decrease in the time to achieve orgasm by as much as 50%


Dr. Kahlil Andrews, a board certified plastic surgeon located in Coralville, Iowa, now offers ThermiVa treatment, a new nonsurgical approach to vaginal tightening. This painless procedure allows you to achieve your vaginal rejuvenation goals without the uncomfortable recovery and downtime associated with surgery.

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