Cosmetic Vaginal Tightening

ThermiVa Rejuvenates: Cosmetic Vaginal Tightening

ThermiVa treatment is a solution for vaginal tightening and labial restoration. Many women who do not need surgery but would like some extent of reconstruction to their labial region may be candidates for ThermiVa.

Traditionally, cosmetic vaginal tightening requires surgery, with a minimum of one month of recovery time until you are healed. Most women continue to feel discomfort in the area for up to a year following this type of surgery. ThermiVa gives women an opportunity for real, instant gratification as it tightens the labial skin and rejuvenates muscle function as well.

Heat applied during this procedure is intended to remodel collagen in the vaginal region and improve the laxity of skin. In this way, ThermiVa allows you to control how you want to look, improving your confidence both on a personal level and in intimacy.

ThermiVa is safe to use after pregnancy, even if you are considering another child in the future. Whether you suffer from loose labial skin due to pregnancy or a birth condition, the ThermiVa procedure will help you gain the aesthetic and functional vaginal form you desire.

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