Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! ThermiVa uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency, which has been clinically tested and proven safe and effective.

Patients report mild to absolutely no pain during the ThermiVa procedure.

None at all! ThermiVa patients may return immediately to the rest of their daily activities, often even back to work within the same hour.

Depending on your case and the size of the area being treated, ThermiVa treatments usually last 15-30 minutes. It is truly a lunchtime procedure, with no recovery period!

No need to prepare at all. Come in prepared for great results!

Temperature of the device is patient-controlled; your treatment will only be as hot as you can handle to avoid any blisters or burning. Most patients report that they feel a comfortable warmth with little to no discomfort.

No- there is no laser light or heat applied during ThermiVa; the radio frequency technology allows for little pain and a more natural procedure.

No! Neither general nor local anesthesia is necessary for the ThermiVa treatment.

Generally, patients should wait 6 weeks after delivery to be treated. ThermiVa can also be done between pregnancies- it does not have to be a one-time procedure!

Typically, ThermiVa results last 9-12 months; patients should not need to be treated more than 1-2 times per year.

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