Stress Incontinence

Regain Your Poise: Stress Incontinence

Labial appearance is not the only vaginal symptom affecting women’s confidence; stress incontinence, or involuntary urine emission, brings a huge blow to self-assurance, especially in intimacy. ThermiVa can work to restore skin tightness AND kegel muscle function. This not only treats stress incontinence, but may provide more satisfaction for you and your partner.

Stress incontinence, just one type of urinary incontinence, is characterized by the unintentional loss of urine due to muscle laxity in the bladder or kegel muscle weakness. Often, stress incontinence is stimulated by coughing, sneezing or physical activities such as running. Pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, or pelvic surgery can all trigger stress incontinence and general vaginal muscle weakness.

Stress incontinence often causes women to isolate themselves, place limits on their social lives or avoid exercise out of fear or embarrassment. ThermiVa treatments help you regain control over your life, your schedule, your body. Do not let stress incontinence, or any form of urinary incontinence, hold you back from your desires or from seeking intimacy; return to normalcy, comfort and social confidence.

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